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Two Ideas I came up with, should I keep?


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Well, I was bored so I threw these things together yesterday in the hour I had before going to a pepband game.

This one is currently just a remix of the underground sewers theme, though I also want to make it a medly with the magic house theme from FF6. There is no transitions as of yet, so it will skip straight from what I am kind of thinking to do with the intro, into the pre-melody, then straight to the melody.


The second one is from FF9's "Loss of Me". Like the other one, there are no fancy filters or anything on here so don't expect anything grand, this is just a rough image of what I had in mind.


Anyways, do you think I should go forward with them and actaully gett to seriously working on them? Also, any tips on mastering and filters and reverb and, well, you get the idea. They will be apprecieted. I haven't ever made a remix before xD.

Edit: The songs are going to have to be cleared first, you can also go here to listen to them here


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Sounds very rough, but I do like the general ideas present. I can't even hear "Loss of Me" in any of these 2 tracks. It's one of my favorite video game songs of all time, so I'm pretty sure I didn't miss it. Maybe I just didn't listen carefully enough.

If you choose to take the FF9 song further, please inform me of updates. I'd like to hear a remixed version of it.

Good luck!

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^^;; Yea, they are very rough and no where near musically acceptable yet. As for the 'Loss of Me' one, it would be the one titled "Another WiP". Right now it follows the chord progressions more than the actual melody. I am planing on fixing that ofcourse later, but if you listen to the original and the clip side by side, you should hear the similarity. Its nice to also recieve such positive feed back, I wasn't expecting it. I think I will take both of them further too.

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