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Shadowun - OST ReThink for MSU1


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*EDIT* I answered my own request and uploaded a re-work of the arrangement juxtaposed with the Snes Intro


https://youtu.be/kq9-xrkGXQk?t=51s <=== ost

Go ahead and start listening.... i'll wait...


... the year is 2050. Magic is back, and corporations suck. Blah blah cyberpunk blah blah Dog, you know the damn game.

Fraggin' Shadowrun, this game had an odd playstyle the first time I played it. Pointers? Isometric? It's almost like it wasn't designed for the Snes, but for a PC. But, unlike a PC at the time, the game was limited to a cartridge and console.. you couldn't get an improved processor to smooth the lag or upgrade your soundcard.

..The year is 2017. Magicks, or MSU1's, have been applied to Snes carts. The result? CD Quality audio and decent video is now playable on Snes games.

My real request is that the OCRemix and Zeldix.net decide on a game and collaborate from scratch, Shadowrun or not. If everyone can decide on a game through a poll, Zeldix.net could tell you how many tracks will be needed and OCRemix could hold a competition and poll to decide the most fitting tracks. You played video games with great soundtracks, and those soundtracks still inspire you to create music. Now, people have the chance to put your music into the very games, that helped inspire you to create music.

Full circle maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

I didn't choose Shadowrun just because I think it has an awesome soundtrack. Just as the playstyle wasn't fit for a 16bit console, the music wasn't fit for whatever makes music inside that magical box I call a cartridge. However, being that it is Cyberpunk set in a futuristic dystopian landscape where everybody's getting paid to jack in all day, I think the overall tone of the games music suits 2017 well enough. There is always the Genesis version for alternate inspirations. It has a harder, Industrial vibe whereas the Snes game has a Theatrical and varied feel. I think fans of the Shadowrun video games would love to hear any remix's's or remakes, and It would be really cool to implement old and futuristic tech, cd quality audio and MSU1, into a game about old and futuristic tech, Magic and Technology.

Cheers, and many thanks for all the great tunes, past, present, and future.

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