Vegas Radio Show (The Late Night Zone)

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Hey All :) (forgive me if I'm posting this in the wrong place), but I wanted to share this because I'm Super Excited lol (why I got business cards).

I have a radio show in Vegas on 91.5FM (have had one for a year and a half now; 4 months on the FM Station). 

I do end up playing some oc remixes from time to time :). So if you're ever in Las Vegas check out my show The Late Night Zone! 

I appreciate any feedback I get on my show :) (@LateNightZone).

The Late Night Zone.jpg

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Hey all :),

I finally got the website up and running for my radio show The Late Night Zone!! (www.thelatenightzone.world)

I'm doing phone interview with YouTubers, Music Artists, Business Leaders, and etc; and I'm posting this here because I would Love to do some interview with some OC Remixers as well. So I'll definitely be reaching out to artists for this too :).

And if you want to reach me then my email for the show is contact@thelatenightzone.world . Even if it's just to send me music to feature live on-air :). 

If anyone has time to listen to the shows, let me know what you think of it!

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