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I Need Help With a 2 Bar Transcription!

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Listening to this on repeat in slow motion is making me nauseous. If anybody's got a really good ear here would you be willing to transcribe the melody that plays a 0:53secs for me please? I think i managed to get the first eight note arpeggio but my brain just feels like spaghetti now :( I would also appreciate any pro tips that can make this process easier in the future.

EDIT: I may have found a much better method. Creating a similar instrument sound on a synth and transcribing to MIDI. I was originally trying to go straight to guitar. I think the vast difference in timbre was throwing me off!

EDIT 2: Smashed it out in 5mins. Feeling like an absolute pleb now.



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GBAMusRiper is a tool I use to extract soundbanks and MIDI data from GBA games. The success rate of it depends on what sound engine the cartridge uses. For the most part, there is no need to transcribe anymore... I personally use it to understand the songs from the Fire Emblem series, like Binding Blade, Blazing Blade, and Sacred Stones.


It uses the command line, and there is a readme file included in the package. If there are any questions you have about this tool or how I specifically use it, feel free to PM or respond back.

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