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Marshall Art + Cory Johnson - Timeline 10" vinyl VGM EP


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We've been working on and hinting at this for months, now it's finally available!

10" VINYL: https://theyetee.com/collections/all/products/timeline
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: https://marshallart.bandcamp.com/album/timeline-ep?label=3683409508&campaign=ocr&utm_source=ocr


Back in 2016, Marshall Art was invited to play the chipspace stage at MAGFest. For that show, we invited our friend and past collaborator Cory Johnson to join us (partially as an excuse to finally see and hear some of his music played live.) We collaboratively re-arranged some vgm covers from our back catalogs for NES and two guitars, and crafted a new cover specifically for that show. 
A year later, it seemed an aweful shame to just let these arrangements sit unreleased. So, this spring we polished them up, recorded new parts, and with the help of our new friends at The Yetee had them pressed to 10" vinyl. It's been a long process getting these ready, but we're happy to finally have them available and very proud of the end product!

Endless thanks to Michael for the mastering; Ami for the live photo; Mike, Marc, and Drew at The Yetee; and Sebastian at Materia Collective for making this release happen!


Let chiptune progressive rock duo Marshall Art and post-rock guru Cory Johnson take you on a remarkable journey through time with this video game arrangement EP. 

The Timeline EP features music from the Legend of Zelda series, Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, and Undertale. Born out of a live collaboration at MAGFest 2016, these four songs have been rearranged, combining authentic NES hardware and effects-laden electric guitar to form chiptune rock epics unlike anything else out there!

Fairy Fountain [from The Legend of Zelda]
But You’re Still Hungry [“Ruined World” from Chrono Trigger]
Towns 1 (Hello World) [“Onett” from Earthbound]
MGLV: The Easiest Enemy [“Megalovania” from Undertale]

10” black with colored splatter vinyl (45 RPM) with full color label and jacket. Album artwork by Drew Wise and photography by Ami Moregore.

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Hey all, we're trying out one of those social media contest thingies and giving away a couple copies of our 10" vinyl, as well as our past CD and cassette tape releases. If that's the sort of thing you'd be interested in getting, just a few clicks and views can get you entered into the contest.  


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