1. work-in-progress Journey - I Was Born For This (jazz arrangement)

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Hi, everyone! I recently completed an important phase of a long-term jazz/vgm arrangement project that I have going on called The Hard Modes. I wanted to share it with you all and get your feedback.

I premiered 7 arrangements at a live show a couple of weeks ago and recorded the show using a Zoom H2 recorder as well as a no-frills camcorder. I'll be posting the tracks individually over time, but if you like what you hear you can always check out the other parts of the set through SoundCloud or YouTube (though we didn't capture 2 of the arrangements on video).

First up is my arrangement of Austin Wintory's I Was Born For This from Journey, which was actually the last tune of our set. Some notes:

  • The sound quality isn't great on either medium, but the sound recording sounds better than the video.
  • That's me on tenor sax!
  • The throwback near the end of the tune was a surprise even for the band; the spot just called for an open solo.
  • My original arrangement was inspired by Ornette Coleman's work, although to get the work together for the show we had to simplify some of the sections a bit, which is why I labeled this a Work in Progress (ultimately, the arrangement should be freer than it is--we'll get there!).

And without further adieu... enjoy!

If you'd like to read more about the project as a whole you can also check out my website. Thanks for listening!

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7 hours ago, Wiesty said:

You know...the OC Jazz collective could always use more arrangers:-D

Thanks, Wiesty--totally down to collaborate with you guys sometime! :D 

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Reviving this thread since we did a studio recording of this tune and made a corresponding video! Hope y'all like it.


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