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Pokemon Colosseum - Rock Bottom (Pyrite Town)

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I originally did this for a PRC compo and I've been touching it up a bit since then. It's still somewhat short and a bit on the conservative side, but I figured I'd drop it here. Comments and critique are welcome and appreciated.



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Great choice of song! There's a lot of remixing potential with this one. At first I was a bit put off by the female vocal, but on repeated listens it works. You could definitely expand this by adding in various solos (sax, trumpet, even the xylophone at the end). As a former sax player, I'd love to hear an extended saxophone solo. The female vocal sounds like the focus of the piece as it is now, but I think pulling it back and having it serve as support for a jazzy brass/sax section would help liven it up. And then you could bring it back to the front of the focus. 

You have a solid foundation here! I can't wait to hear what you do with this in the future.

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