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[VGM Release] Without Within III - Meteo Xavier tracks

Meteo Xavier

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I know pronouncements for album releases here aren't as hot as they used to be, but I submit this work for your consideration and enjoyment anyway:


I finally got to do a commissioned work for a visual novel and I contributed 12 tracks to the third game in a visual novel series called Without Within by InvertMouse Games. Not only is this my highest quality release to date, but it's also one of my most consistent and less electronic than before. I had to use more loop and phrase libraries to make that work since everything was still done in the computer and I can't play guitar, but the quality of the output speaks for itself. It fulfills my 15-year goal/dream to make music that puts my Chrono Cross inspiration full to the front AND I finally got to actually perform (with a piano) on a commercial music release instead of just sequence it (and it's not even any of the tracks that has a piano on it!)

I don't get to sell this soundtrack as part of my contract deal with the commissioner, but for anyone who is interested in it, I'll post up a link here when that becomes available. Until then, please enjoy this work. I really got to break a lot of new ground here and I hope you're as pleased with it as I am!

Composition, arrangement, mixing and further production: Meteo Xavier
Mastering: Brandon Strader
Album Artwork: Meteo Xavier using public domain images.

Game available through InvertMouse Games.


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A bump now that the game has been released and it is now my first truly commercial music work available. Without Within 3 is available for anyone who may be interested in it.



I'm credited under my real name "Jeff Lawhead" instead of 12 Followers/Meteo Xavier. I didn't request that, but oh well. I provided the new tracks for the game and tracks from the previous Without Within series are credited to Efe Tozan.

In addition, I got my music reviewed alongside Efe's in RPGFan with the game getting some pretty damn good scores all the way around: http://www.rpgfan.com/reviews/Without_Within_3/index.html

I have my full list plus some other tracks (I was trying to post this album up to Youtube as a music-to-study-by!) here:

Thank you and enjoy.

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