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Khappa MJ

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Im working to my new album with tons of new things and soundstyles. I just wanna post my old works before new album... latest music video.

Support my work please, add it to your fav playlist, share it, like it, dislike it, comment it, get in touch on Youtube too


Music Playlist

Khappa MJ - Music playlist


Pure Energy

Khappa MJ - Pure Energy


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In trying to sound the least condescending that I can here - if you're going to use Ocremix as your own free advertising space to get support (presumably without giving likes, shares, money back to others), please use the right board for that:

It only takes a few minutes to read which board is appropriate for which content. Choosing the wrong board gives the impression that you're so pre-occupied with yourself that you won't even bother to look to see if you're doing it right, which for a fairly tight-knit community like this one, is a pretty bad impression to make on someone who likely won't contribute anything else to the community.

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