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Christmas Remix Month 2017 Full Album

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Every few days in December, I uploaded a Christmas-style remix of a classic video game song to my channel.  Now that December is over, I've completed the album and uploaded it as one big video.  Most of these are just covers so I'm not planning on submitting any of them (unless you think certain ones could be accepted).  I just want to post this here for you guys to enjoy.  I had a lot of fun making these and I'd love for you to listen to them and let me know what your favorites are and how I could improve for next year.  Thanks

Track List
A Canyon.mid Christmas 0:00
Christmas Password (Super Castlevania IV - Password) 2:04
Simon Belmont's Christmas Theme 2:49
Rastan's Christmas Theme 5:24
Christmas Dreamer (Streets Of Rage 2 - Dreamer) 7:03
Ice Cap Zone Sega Master System FM Remix 9:13
Christmas Castle Corridor (Castlevania: Aria Of Sorrow - Ruined Castle Corridor) 11:46
Christmas Snow (Fantasy Zone - Hot Snow) 15:13
Christmas Clouds (Windows 95 - CLOUDS.MID) 17:13
Dreamcast Gamer 2017 Credits (Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine - Staff Roll) 20:18

 Yes, I suck at naming remixes :)

Also, two of these are covers of classic Windows MIDIs because the hidden Windows MIDI files inspired me.

Individual remixes can be found here


Thanks for listening!



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