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Hip Hop Chiptune or Remix

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Hello! I'm brand new here. I know some forums like an intro before you set off, so I'm Rosko. By trade I'm a voice over artist. That's my job (www.roskolewisbritishvoiceover.co.uk) should you ever need any VO!

But I'm here for a different reason. In my youth I used to MC in a live band but I've got very little to show for it, and I've recently decided to get back on the horse and create an EP. Something that I can be proud of and that will last forever and to show my abilities. I'm aiming for Spotify and iTunes etc when all my tracks are done and to show you that I'm serious, this is the first track I made. I finished it the other day. It's called I Will: 

This is one from my live band days (nearly 20 years ago... gulp), called For Your Ears Only:


In a nutshell, I want to make a track called Mr Old Skool - a track about guy seriously into his 80s and 90s hip hop culture with the odd reference to retro culture and I wanted it laid down to something resembling an old video game soundtrack - be it original or remixed/chip tune or real instruments. Then I came across this website whilst digging around on Youtube via an INCREDIBLE Chun Li theme remix, and the main man on Twitter told me it might be worth dropping something in the forum. So here I am..!

If anyone would be interested in working with me on this I'd love to hear from you. I'm not trying to get to number one, just make some art; if the EP gets some plays, then great. I'd credit you of course and if it made sense to - and it's what you do for a living as opposed to do for fun - pay you (I just couldn't afford much for this as a creative project) and we can of course discuss this; I'm unsure on the protocol in this whole world of video game remixes. Maybe you've got a beat lying around gathering dust I could use? I'm open to anything as long as it hits the brief. But basically I just want to make a banging, funky and phat hip hop track and can you help? Thanks very much for your time!

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