2. ready for review Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Trailer Theme (Orchestration)

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I guess a lot of people have heard this recently from the E3 trailer:

I transcribed and orchestrated the theme starting from 0:27 in the trailer (at the green title screen).

I adapted the quieter voice part for flute, which then led into an altered repetition of the buildup part. The strings playing the horn part was a something I thought would be cool for mixing up the tune, and hopefully comes off as a little surprising after the buildup.

There are a few more instruments playing than are shown: there is a tuba playing in the C0-C1 range, a second trumpet playing mostly an octave below the first one, a second bass playing an octave below the one shown, and also an all-male choir. There's a synth bass in the first part, but it's a little hard to pick out, and there's obviously also a lot of percussion.

The drums started out life as Logic's auto-drummer with the pattern changed every eight bars, but after exporting as MIDI, I did a little more work to them. There is slightly velocity change in this piece via automation, but no humanisation plugin was used.

The flute is a real Yamaha, with limited post-processing applied. (Specifically: adding a little gain and reverb; EQing up 600 and 5kHz; minor pitch and position correction.)

The pizzicato in the buildup stage is new, as is the menacing staccato bass. The harp that plays at the end is also new. The melody in parts is altered a little from the original too, in places. The structure is altered from the original, as mentioned in the second paragraph.

Points that I'd specifically like guidance on:

1) How to improve the percussion. The percussion in the trailer is mostly toms (I think), but I think it sound a little samey after a while.

2) Whether the staccato strings in the buildup section need to be varied more.

3) Problems that you guys can spot that I'm blind to :P I know my EQing can be suspect, sometimes!

Thanks in advance!


Edit: it's been brought to my attention that the trumpets are not up to scratch. I now have recruited an actual trumpeter, and will update the mix a bit later.

Also, I did an 8-bit mix as well for fun yesterday (not quite the same as the orchestration; the harmony in the 'chorus' is different, and I added a 3-note arp as well).


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