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Tiger's House (music inspired by Snail's House)


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So I've been wanting to do this since I first saw Snail's House for the first time earlier this year.  It was one of those things that I felt like I would have to get better at my music a great deal...let's just say my self-esteem wasn't that great at the time.  Fast forward to now, and I saw a really silly video on YouTube called "How to sound like Snail's House" and was like "That's relevant to my interest!"  So I tried it out, using some of the techniques as a template, and then writing my own tune with them.  This is the result...and I gotta say I'm more excited about this than I ever have been about any music project before.  I love the sound of mixing high quality synths with chiptune also...and it's definitely something I want to revisit again.



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