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The Legend of Zelda: Melting Pot


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Hey there!

I have been listening to ReMixes for quite long, but I’m writing here for the first time to talk about an album concept I thought of (maybe it isn't the right place to do it, don't hesitate to tell me if so). Nothing really weird, and probably not so original an idea, but still.

TLoZ has beloved themes and the series is probably already quite favored by ReMixers. BotW came and almost went, giving on the way more depth and some new characters to the lore of various already well-established hyrulean races (even seemingly incompatible ones). This made me wish to be able to listen some specific Zelda mashups/medleys.

Hence this album concept (even if Zelda games are actually prone to feature quite the opposite to melting pots): I would love to hear a set of mashups/medleys of songs respectively related to the different hyrulean tribes from various games of the series. For instance:

  • Zoras: Zora’s domains, Sidon’s theme, Mipha’s theme, Great Bay Coast, Ballad of the Wind Fish (MM), New Wave Bossa Nova, Rutela’s wish etc.
  • Gorons: Daruk’s theme, Yunobo’s theme, Goron Cities, Goron Mines, Goron’s Lullaby, etc.
  • Hylians: Zelda’s Lullaby, Ballad of the Goddess, Hyrule Castle, etc.
  • Gerudo: Riju’s theme, Urbosa’s theme, Gerudo Town, Gerudo Valley, Gerudo Desert, etc.
  • Rito: Revali’s theme, Teba’s theme, Dragon Roost Island, Medli’s prayer, etc.
  • Sheikah: Sheik’s theme, Kakariko (at least the one from BotW), Impa’s farewell, Hidden Village, etc.
  • Koroks/Kokiri: Encounters with the Deku Tree, Kokiri Forest, Lost Woods/Saria’s song, Forest Haven, Korok Forest, Hestu’s Dance, etc.

I think you see what I mean… Obviously, this list is not exhaustive and could include other candidates even if they are quite specific to one game (Twili, Loruleans, Minish, and I'm not even talking about Skyward Sword ancient species) or even weirder stuff (Dragons, mixing songs related to the ancient dragons from SS, the dragon theme from BotW and Dragon Roost Island…).

Would anyone be interested in this idea?


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