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Mario Odyssey: Steam Gardens/Wooded Kingdom (ye olde medieval version)

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Have been meaning to do more medieval-style remixes since my Halo theme a couple of years back, and the tune that worked best in my head was the wonderful Steam Gardens theme from Mario Odyssey (plays during Wooded Kingdom).

As ever, Logic Pro X's string sounds are a challenge, and there is no acceptable solo violin sound for a lead instrument (was aiming for a vielle or medieval fiddle type sound), so I was searching for an alternative lead instrument for a while... before ending on something that may or may not be my first step towards inevitable mental decline. You'll hear what I mean pretty quickly...

Here's the remix, complete with a bit of photoshopped Bayeux Tapestry, which I posted on my YouTube channel yesterday:

And here's the original, excellent theme (might not jump out at you immediately in the medieval version!):

It's all done fairly tongue-in-cheek and meant to raise a chuckle - but I think especially towards the second half, I was fairly pleased with the overall feel & arrangement. Would love your thoughts!

Thanks :)

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Ok, this is a beautiful piece you got here. Love the sound of those strings mixed with the south american style floute. I think it's a mix beetween Medieval, and indian's dance fire style. Love it!! Voice tracks were recorder by you? i think you should reinforce the "voodo dance" part with more voices. That would give it so much power. I'm talking about the 1:42 minute and forward.

PS: Sorry for my english, i know, it sucks. 


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