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EDM/Electronica Track Advice; Mix & Mastering Feedback Question

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This may not be the right thread, but I'm slightly new to the "Four on the Floor"/EDM genre when it comes to identifying what can be improved (or what's a problem sound-wise) in my track.

I've linked my track below. The questions I have are: Is the bass too muddy? Instinct says yes, but I like that gritty edm noise (how would I clean that up, EQ it?). 

I want to layer the clap with a few other claps to give it some color, but I'm open to hearing all suggestions, especially as EDM/Electronica is a genre I want to learn more about.

Closest song I've written that's only electronic sounds is this one from like 3 years ago: https://soundcloud.com/wifisunset-music/3-sphere-enigma



EDM Exp I.mp3 EDM Exp I.wav

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The bass/kick conundrum.

Yes it's very very muddy. With EDM and bass, you need to do a few things.

Firstly you need to let the kick come through cleanly. Try to cut out everything below 80 khz for the kick, as you only want bass below that, and the low frequencies of the kick are mudding things out, you want the kick to pop. Next, try scooping out the bass in eq, dipping it between 80-100 hz so that the kick and bass are separated.

Better still, keep this very gritty bass, and cut out everything below 100hz with this bass. Then add a second sine sub bass underneath and low pass it, so the sub part sounds cleaner.

Even better, learn about sidechain compression, so you can dip the bass when the kick comes in.

There's a style to making EDM sound modern and pro, once you have it, then you're good to go.

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