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FREE PLAY | VGM/Jazz Festival

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Hi, everyone!

On August 31 from 6-11pm EDT, five VGM jazz groups are teaming up to bring you FREE PLAY, a free, international music festival that will be streaming on Twitch. The bands participating are:

- VGM Collective (New York)
- The 8-Bit Jazz Heroes (California)
- Nice! Edmond is Super Sumo-wrestler (Tokyo)
- The Consouls (Sydney)
- The Hard Modes (Virginia)

We'll be playing back-to-back hour-long sets in what will be the first strictly online international music festival (I think! if not, the first strictly online VGM and/or jazz festival, but happy to stand corrected ^_^). Also, alongside bringing some great live music to you, we're raising money for the AbleGamers charity!

We hope that you'll tune in! I'll leave this post short, but for more information please head to:

1. Our corresponding GoFundMe
2. The official website
3. The event on Facebook


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The event last weekend was really successful! All of the bands had killer sets, and raised $1,700 on our GoFundMe campaign. If you tuned in, thank you! :D 

Everyone's Twitch streams will still be up for another week, and then I hope to archive the event on YouTube. Easiest way to access after the fact is by going to our schedule page here.

If anyone has any feedback after watching the event, I'd love to hear it.

Also, our GoFundMe will remain open for another week. With the amount raised to date, we were able to get to $50/person for all of the artists involved and about $740 for the AbleGamers charity. Any further donations will go straight to AbleGamers, and I'm hoping that we can get to a round $800 for them at least (would need $65 in donations, and the minimum donation is just $5!).

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