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Darius Twin (1991, SNES) - Narukini

SilverFox Jams

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I feel really confident about this piece. I know I've improved on the structure and pacing better than my first attempt at a Darius Twin remix (of the main boss theme). I went overboard, too crazy with the first one. Some of the beats were off-pace. I find it to be a cool listen from beginning to end, but it's also messy in places, and some of the transitions aren't very good. I'm going to have to redo the entire track one day. 

This time, I'm sure I got it right. I already filled in the remix submission form yesterday with the 192kps mp3 attached before making this thread. That's how good and accomplished I feel about my newest completed remix. 

Did I make a mistake here? It's my first time sharing any music I do on this forum. ^^; I normally share my music on both Soundcloud and Newgrounds. After listening to my track "Narukinians at War" enough times, I think I'll link to where you can hear it on NewGrounds. Yeah, the track sounds a bit better there. It's got the timer on the track at the bottom, similar to Soundcloud, so we're good on that. 

 https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/988306 I say more about my remix in the description.

I don't mind extra feedback. And, I don't remember hearing a remix of the Narukini theme done by anyone else. Would any of you know of anyone else who did, or attempted to? I'm just curious. If so, I'd like to hear the music! There's not many Darius Twin remixes in existence, as far as I know.

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