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Welcome to Lover Reef - a vocal "remix" of a ReMix!

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Right Click on "download file" and "Save Target As".

Yes, for those few of you who know...I've attempted this before. Same track, same style. Last one was kind of sucky, though. Had a lot of issues and whatnot.

Here's the rundown; I like the original remix. A LOT. Lover Reef. Very catchy. Nice singing. Nice guitar solo. Nice lyrics. As a tribute to it and its remixers, I'm remixing it in vocal/cappella style. Did it in one take. Consider this a backbone track. You won't find much in terms of "arrangement" value, but originality is there. You'll notice that after the track is done, I take it futher. However, all the lyrics I've sung are VERY spontaneous. Just improvised as I freestyled. It's like I channeled something. You'll notice a grammar error in there, too. I kept it to entertain you listeners...classic, eh?

Currently, I don't intend to submit this on the site. I just want some suggestions and comments. I want to add more vocals/freestyling in there. Doubling. Layering. Etc. More arrangement quality, too. Wanna change some of the lyrics a bit. Was thinking of this one part...instead of "We've turned to ice/and it's not our way to be/so let the earth quake and melt with me"...this, "We've been petrified/and it's not our way to be/so let the earth shake and dance with me".

All comments are welcome. :)

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