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I have an idea but just can't quite make it work

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Ok so I've had this in my head a while. Two seemingly different songs but with similar themes and pretty spot-on time signatures. The first one, a classic we all know, Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic 2

Chemical Plant Zone (Youtube)

I always thought it would juxtapose strangely well with an unexpected source, the Nova Scotian folk band Great Big Sea and their Chemical Workers' Song

Chemical Workers' Song (Youtube)

By speeding up CWS to 125%, I could get it to line up pretty well on the chorus ("Go boys, go... They'll time your every breath" Matches up with Chemical Plant's strong 3-note chorus, and then the trailing F# at the end lines up with the "And you go....." part of CWS.)

These parts line up so well, I think, that some sort of mashup just has to be made with these songs. Problem is, I simply lack the basic musical talent needed to make a remix like this. I tried pulling it all into Audacity and lining it up and it just sounded like donkey crap. Is there anyone here who cares enough to take a shot at what maybe at least the chorus would sound like? I feel like with a little bit of help, I could make this work. Or if someone with a lot more talent than I feels like doing it all themselves and taking all the credit I'd love to hear it. I just want this mashup to exist.

Anyone curious enough to try?

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