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SMB Crossover Fan Game - "What Game Am I Even Playing At This Point?"

Meteo Xavier

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I deign that in this accursed era that flows ennui from the bastard supernicae denoma like the great floods of Egypt swelled the fertile Nile River and expunged the primordial populations from this most wretched mortal coil, a single ray of hope escaped from the insane gods' wrath and pierced the miasmatic heavens to deliver unto us, the forsaken children of Earth, a bounty and a blessing from benevolence long forgotten and twice forbidden in our realm of that mysterious solvent of order that, while barest in its presence nevertheless succeeds, in holding together the universe that our monolithic forefathers forged from the blood of their combat, the tears of their shared tragedies and the sweat and spermatozoa from their beshackled and beshriveled loins.

My compatriots and fellow forsaken children, I present to you:


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