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A few sports games for request

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First time on the board, and love it

I have a few requests and most of them are from sports games, if someone could make these tracks it would be huge.

First off Blades of Steel (NES) the song when the teams are coming on to the ice, any kid playing hockey would love to have that as their warm up song

Second John Madden Football 94 (Geneis) the title track theme, honestly if there's a song that's been burnt into my youth that's the one

Third Tecmo Bowl (NES) both the opening song and the song when player two gets the ball (the only good part of when Bo Jackson ran over my ass)

Finally NHL 94 the opening theme and the playoff tree scene

I don't know how many sports gamers there on on this site, but I'm sure someone can come up with something

Thanks again

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