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Digital Devil Saga--Depressed and Inspired + Timeless Hero Cover


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I had a blog post awhile ago which I wrote out of the blue. I then thought that the words would make great lyrics. Thus, this remixing attempt is born.


The song is actually a "remix" of a track from the videogame "Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga"...Sahasrara by Shoji Meguro. Please note that it's in very early stages right now. I'm thinking of going aceppella with it, but I'm completely open to collaborating with other game music remixers to change direction. It would be cool if I someone more experienced guided me through where I need to go with this mix.

The reason I'm posting this is because I want feedback on my singing and how clean the production is, before I go any further. I'm currently experimenting with the program "Sound Forge" on production; all I added onto the recording is compression, some EQ changes, medium room reverb, and heavy echo in the intro. Thanks to LuIzA for giving me tips on all of those. I'm still not sure if I got the compression 100%. So any tips on making the recording even clearer is welcome. I used a Shure SM57 Microphone to record my voice, and I did it all in one take. Think of it as a "session/jam" thing, hence why the track is a bit on the long side. You'll notice that I occasionally change-up the tone of my voice, experimenting various sounds. Any comments to improve my singing is welcome.


I also did something for fun yesterday; a shortened cover version of LuIzA's "Timeless Hero", from Dwelling of Duels May 2005. This of course won't be completed in order to be posted anywhere; I also want as much comments as possible on singing, production, and recording quality/clarity.



Wrote a blog about this thread.

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