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kk so i'm knew here and this is my first game theme remix,

using the Final Fantasy X Theme and a few drum samples i got this result

what do u think?



I don't here much interpretation or rearrangement here. Sounds like the original placed over a drumbeat with some gated effects thrown in here and there. Drum pattern in itself is fine, it's just that the presentation is not polished and developed enough. As HL said before me, drum samples are poor and the loop gets repetitive after a while, even though you try to give a little fill here and there. As it stands right now, this is not really a ReMix. Try to reinterpret the theme a little (actually, a lot) more, use different instrumentation from the original, add some supporting instruments, and work on those drums. That would be a start. This track has potential, with more experience and knowledge you could probably rework it into something that sounds like Linkin Park's "Session".

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This whole 4/4 beat over a 3/4 melody isn't going over to well with me in this one. I think the track would flow much better overall if the beat was changed to 3/4

That's just me, though. Others may like the rhythmic dissonance.

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