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New Super Mario Bros Castle

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To be 'brutally honest', there's not much going for this song. What you've done is simply covered the original arrangement using what sounds to be FL's Styrus. To make things worse, some of it sounds out of tune. But hey, at least you've admitted (twice!) that it sucks.

If you are going to continue working on this, here are a few suggestions for you:

-In the background, you have what sounds to be some sort of synth string doing arpeggios, but the attack on them is too drawn out, and they're barely done fading in before the next note should start. Adjust the attack, or find another sample which is better suited to quicker notes.

-Nearly everything except for the lead instrument sounds too muddy to me; nothing but the lead really stands out. You need to work on this. Replace (or tweak) your samples, and adjust the levels (overall volume, panning, reverb, etc).

-Where's the drum track? Needz some beetz, man! (...well, not "beetz" per se...) I'm not sure what would work in this case, though. I always imagine this source with some sort of military-esque snare drum, but I don't really think that'd work with the style you seem to be going for. Just experiment with a few things, and find what works.

-Here's probably the most important thing I have to say: if you EVER expect to get a song passed here at OCR, you need to work on your arrangement. What you have here is, as I said above, a cover of the source tune, and that will not do! Add some original sections! Replace a few notes here and there! Change up the instruments every now and again! Anything to keep it from being a note-for-note copy of the original.

Good luck, man!

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I see that you did take a few of my suggestions, and you have made a few improvements. However, some of the notes you've changed in the first 20 or so seconds sound... sour.

By the way, what you've used doesn't qualify as an electric guitar. Sounds like Slayer, or one of the Sytrus presets.

So in short, you've made a few improvements, but there's still a lot of work left to be done.

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