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Yoshi's Island Caves WIP


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This is not that great, but the best I've heard from you yet. You've made some changes to the melody in places, so at least you're attempting some re-arrangement. Still, you've got the same 50 second loop repeating twice; you should try changing things around so that your song isn't repetitive. Work on honing your arrangement skills. As well, your samples are not that great (well, in my opinion, they're terrible, but I'm trying to be nice :-)), so look into getting replacements. There are plenty of free samples on the internet. (I THOUGHT there was a 'free samples' thread in the remixing forum, but I can't find it.)

By the way, the sudden cut off at the end and the sequencing of the lead instrument make it obvious that you've copied certain elements directly from this midi. You've changed up a few things (an original bassline and semi-original section from 0:38-0:48 ), which is good, but you're still ripping off someone else's work. Midi rips are frowned upon on this site, and if you were to submit something which was obviously a midi rip, it would (most likely) be instantly rejected. Read over the submission standards, particularly the What Qualifies as a ReMix? section.

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