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Original Composition - Quiet Town


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This is a song I made for the racing month of the Original Video Game Music Competition (OVGM) month #1 (try saying that whole sentence. :D). It got good reviews as far as matching the mood of a racing theme goes so that's cool. Also, this song loops and it really should be one minute long but I know some people like to turn the repeat function off on music players (or stream the music from TinDeck) so I basically made the song play twice in a row.


P.S. The song's title is not to denote that the song would be quiet - because it's anything but quiet - but rather it's a parody of "Mute City" from F-Zero. I'm almost certain that whoever made "Quiet Town" for this month's DoD had known of my song's title so it really makes me wonder who made it! :)

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You build up energy really well in the beginning. For the break around 30 seconds, its kind of weird how the bass follows the lead instrument. The melody you throw in at the end is really catchy. Instead of have the bass resolve the song after a minute and repeating, you could find a way to make it flow back into the beginning better. It really is good music for racing, good job.

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