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Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth (multiple tracks)


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I am quite surprised no one has made any remixes of the excellent soundtrack from Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. So I think I'll make requests on some of the tunes.

The first is obviously Confidence in the Domination. This is the boss battle theme, and it is kickass. It might be a bit tricky, though.

Second would have to be Fragments of the Heart. This tune is actually quite hauntingly gorgeous, and is perfect for conveying sadness and despair. Remixing it with something soft (i.e. piano, flute, etc.) would be good; I'd rather not have a rock remix or metal remix.

Third would be Hard Chain Reaction. Lezard Valeth has a really good dungeon theme, and a metal or rock remix would be sweet.

Lastly, I wish to request Shiver. This special boss theme is scary, and could be remixed in any fashion. If you decide to remix this, do so in any way you want.

Here are some links to the original tunes (in order of request):





I may request more, but not for now.

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