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"You have been doomed ever since you lost the ability to love."


Article by: Alexandre Mourey (Chernabogue)
Pictured from: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Created by: Konami
First appearance: 1989


Adrian Fahrenheit Tepes is the half-vampire son of Count Dracula and Lisa, a kindhearted medicine woman. He was raised by his loving mother, who taught him to respect humans as equals. One fateful night, villagers convicted Lisa of witchcraft. Moments before being executed, she begged Adrian not to seek revenge against humankind; in a fit of rage, however, Dracula cast a curse on Europe and unleashed his army of monsters on humanity. Disgusted, Adrian took the pseudonym of Alucard (Dracula spelled backwards, to show his complete opposition to him) and left his father's fortress. Unfortunately, his cursed blood constantly reminds him of his direct affiliation to Dracula, and he never got over his mother's death. As a result, Alucard is cold and distant with other people, hiding his emotions behind his lonely façade. However, he is determined, leaves nothing to chance, and will do everything necessary to defeat his evil father.

Being half-vampire, Alucard possesses superhuman strength and speed. He commands a large variety of powers: shapeshifting into a wolf, a bat, or even a cloud of mist; casting dark spells that allow him to suck his enemies' vital energy; and summoning various Familiars to assist him. Across centuries, he has used his powers to help the Belmonts, holy warriors, to fight a now-mad Dracula, who declared war on humanity. Alucard's immortality has allowed him to thwart his father's plans each time he has come back to life, and after every encounter, exile himself from the world, sleeping in a buried coffin. The struggle between the two vampires is eternal: whenever the evil Count will rise from his grave, his son will be there to confront him.

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