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"I know you want to live... After all, you've just been born. But, I want to live too, just like every human being!"

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First appearance: 1998


Aya Brea is a headstrong New York police detective of the 17th Precinct with Asian and Caucasian parentage. She received a cornea transplant from her twin sister Maya, who died in a car crash with their mother years ago. And with no knowledge of where her father is, her partner, Daniel Dollis, and his son, Ben, act as surrogate family for her.

Resplendent in her evening gown, Aya watches an opera in Carnegie Hall on Christmas Eve. The busty actress, Melissa Pearce, holds the audience captive with her solo. Suddenly, one after another, people burst into flames onstage and in every row and balcony, leaving only Aya — and the lead actress. No longer is she Melissa Pearce, but an entity calling herself "Eve." The case is on.

Inspired by the science fiction horror novel by Hideaki Sena, Parasite Eve uses the science and hypothetical history of mitochondria (energy transferrers in cells) to drive the story. Why doesn't Aya spontaneously combust when Eve awakens? What functions do each of Eve's seedy mutations have? And why does Aya feel similar powers awakening within her? Toting a gun in one hand and her colleagues' increasingly shocking mitochondrial findings in the other, the rookie sets out to destroy the mother of all mutations before her offspring overrun Manhattan.

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