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"A first-rate warrior wins without lifting a finger."


Article by: Polo
Pictured from: The King of Fighters 2003
Created by: SNK
First appearance: 1995


Born and raised in Southtown, U.S.A., Mary Ryan trained to mete out justice on the crime-infested streets just like her father, a police officer. With a body strengthened by Commando Sambo martial arts, she completes brawl-inclined assignments that weaker agents would fail at. Her late partner's jacket tops off her casual streetwear, and his nickname for her stuck when he ordered a like-named bar drink: a Blue Mary.

The annual King of Fighters tournament is an appreciative opportunity to track criminals' actions and to further her training. In hand-to-hand combat, Blue Mary executes bone-crunchers like the Mary Headbuster, Spin Fall, and Vertical Arrow, to name a few. Meanwhile, there are those who keep an eye on the blonde, like her mystery client, gauging a similar chance to strike...

Selected game appearances

Neo Geo


  • The King of Fighters XI (2005)



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