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"A sandbag would be more responsive than you!"


Article by: Alex Stuart (Linearity)
Pictured from: Waku Waku 7
Created by: Sunsoft
First appearance: 1995


Bonus kun was the mere punching bag of Rouwe, the final boss of the arcade fighting game Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors. However, he came to life, and Rouwe trained him in the basic skills of fighting.

He is apparently a parody of Ryu, of Street Fighter fame, in both his red headband and in his fighting techniques.

In Galaxy Fight, Bonus kun is only played by the computer, but in Waku Waku 7 he is available to the player. In both games, his lack of limbs prohibit him from dodging attacks or throwing his opponents, leaving him with little more than headbutts — and kicks of some nature — at his disposal. However, in the latter game, his special techniques are powerful enough to make up for these farcical inabilities.

Selected game appearances

Neo Geo

  • Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors (1995)
  • Waku Waku 7 (1996)



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