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First appearance: 1988


A chocobo is a large, flightless bird found in Final Fantasy games. It is strong enough to carry a fully grown human, making it a good way to travel. Chocobos prefer living in forests but can also be found in many other places. They are timid in the wild but can be vicious when threatened. However, they can be very easily tamed. The item "Greens" is one of their favorite foods, and in some games one can call on them by using it.

Chocobos first appeared in Final Fantasy II. One hides in a forest and, once found, allows the player to travel on the world map without encountering enemies. In each successive Final Fantasy game, chocobos play a bigger and bigger role. Some games incorporate the training or breeding of the birds to produce chocobos with other abilities, such as climbing over mountains, swimming across seas, and flying. Starting as a minor game element, the chocobo has quickly become one of the most favored in the Final Fantasy series.

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