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For information on the evaluation criteria used at OC ReMix, please see Submission Standards and Instructions.

This article's purpose is to maintain the latest version of the email sent to submitters whose pieces are instantly rejected, not making it to the judges panel.

While your submission is appreciated, after initial review OverClocked ReMix has decided not to post it or forward it to the judges panel in its present form.

There are several common reasons why submissions might not make it to OCR's next stage of evaluation (bolded & italicized if applicable to this submission):

  • the arrangement is merely a MIDI or game music format file assigned new instruments and/or given added effects
  • the arrangement is not different enough (e.g. structure, tempo, instrumentation) from the original game music
  • the arrangement is too texturally sparse, too underdeveloped and/or too repetitive
  • the sound quality (e.g. sample quality, sequencing, mixing, processing, recording) is poor
  • the writing or performance quality (e.g. frequent clashing or wrong notes, mismatched key signatures, sloppy timing, rigid timing) is poor

Less common reasons include (bolded if applicable to this submission):

  • extensive direct sampling of the original game music audio
  • extensive incorporation of non-game music or lyrics (e.g. mainstream, classical, etc.)
  • arranging music that was not originally created for a video game
  • the arrangement bears little resemblance to the original game music
  • creating a track out of sound effects
  • creating an entirely original track that in no way arranges game music

For more clarification, please read OCR's Submission Standards, located at To get a better feel for OCR's arrangement and production standards, we recommend listening to what's currently posted on the main page.

Provided that your submission is a genuinely interpretive arrangement, if you would like to work on this ReMix to improve it, we recommend that you post it in the Post Your Game ReMixes forum at for further community feedback. Getting feedback there may help you should you decide to resubmit your track in the future.

You can also check out our Music Composition & Production forum at for technical advice. Judges panel decisions, which are often helpful in seeing the criteria used for the next stage of evaluation, can also be viewed at

The important thing is not to be discouraged. Whether it be a revised version of this submission or a brand new submission, we look forward to hearing your work in the future.


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