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"Thou hast lost thy friend before thine very eyes; there art no words to comfort thee."

Article by: Alex Stuart (Linearity)
Created by: Square
First appearance: 1995


One of the most recognizable characters from the Super Nintendo game Chrono Trigger, Frog is an integral member of the game's time-traveling party of heroes.

Frog's first appearance is in 600 A.D., at the Cathedral south of Guardia Castle. When Crono and Lucca are caught off-guard by an attacking Mystic, Frog enters the scene to kill the fiend before it can inflict any serious damage. He says that, as a knight in the service of Queen Leene, he shares the time-travelers' intent to rescue Leene from her captors Yakra and his gang of Mystics. With that he joins the party.

Frog is, as his name implies, a frog — but the size of a small human. He is a picture of nobility, yet humble and honest. He speaks with characteristic syntax and diction akin to sixteenth-century English, which not even his contemporaries use. This adds to his stately style.

After helping to rescue Queen Leene, Frog leaves Guardia Castle in self-imposed exile. He says that he failed the Queen in allowing her to be captured, and that he no longer has the honor of serving in her presence. He retreats to his home in the Cursed Woods until Crono and his friends bring him the legendary sword Masamune, reforged. With it, he confronts an old enemy of his to avenge a friend's death. Upon being swept out of his home time with Crono and the others during this battle, his story becomes intertwined with theirs.

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