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"You did not have the potential to retire me. What a shame..."


Article by: Paul Watkins (watkinzez)
Pictured from: Street Fighter Alpha 3
Created by: Capcom
First appearance: 1987


Gen is a fighting legend. Hailing from the original Street Fighter lineup, the master is a representative of China. In order to become world champion, the player, as Ryu or Ken, must defeat Gen on the way to victory. His deadly art includes many Kung Fu fighting styles, such as Mantis, Crane, Bear, and Tiger.

As a fighting legend in Hong Kong, Gen believes that there are other people worthy of challenging him, and sets his mind to finding such opponents. While many younger talents seek him to uncover his style, he rejects many of them for lacking in true fighting skill. It is only when he finds great potential that he sets his mind to teaching his secrets. In the Street Fighter Alpha series, Gen searches for the ultimate opponent to fight to the death. The mighty name of Akuma rings through his mind as he vows to seek him out.

First playable in the Alpha sequel, Gen is notable for being the only character with the ability to change fighting styles mid-round.

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PlayStation 3

  • Street Fighter IV (2009)

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