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Article by: Polo
Pictured from: Soulcalibur II
Created by: Namco
First appearance: 1994


For someone who's well into his seventies, Heihachi Mishima is in better shape than most young men. In his self-sponsored King of Iron Fist Tournament, speed saturates his crouching dashes and sweeping kicks, while power forged by training bears in martial arts ignites his God Fist uppercuts and throws. If that weren't enough, Tekken's wing-haired man punks a steely personality to match.

Ultimately self-reliant, Heihachi will let no one, not even his family, bar him from his relentless pursuits. If his father Jinpachi must be imprisoned in order to gain the Mishima Zaibatsu (the family's financial empire), so be it. If his own son Kazuya survives getting hurled off a cliff or two, then he's worthy of being his son. Naturally, Heihachi's family does not approve of him — and neither does the Japanese government.

Selected game appearances



PlayStation 2

  • Tekken Tag Tournament (2000)
  • Soulcalibur II (2003)
  • Namco × Capcom (2005)

PlayStation Portable

  • Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection (2006)

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Xbox 360



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