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Industry professionals who have supported OCR

Alberto Jose Gonzalez

Wrote to djpretzel to take credit for composing Pop-Up's music for the Game Boy.

Alexander Brandon

Provided additional composer credit information for Tyrian after expressing his enjoyment of Disturbed's Tyrian "Composition in Q". Also enjoyed Big Giant Circles's Unreal Tournament ReMix "Club Showdown".

Barry Leitch

Enjoyed and commented on all three ReMixes where he composed/arranged the original music, two from Top Gear ("Dark Racer" and "Track 1 (Final Nitro Mix)"), and one from Lotus 2: Turbo Challenge ("2K3").


In-house composer at Paradigm Entertainment, Rich Douglas has arranged several pieces for OCR in his spare time.

David Wise

Personally contacted Vigilante ("Beneath the Surface") and bLiNd ("Aerofunknamics") to congratulate their efforts on Kong in Concert. Also enjoyed bLiNd's two posted Donkey Kong Country ReMixes "Blue Vision" and "Industrial Fear".

Gerard K. Marino

Spoke with VGDJ for the June 3, 2006 Philadelphia Video Games Live concert.

Hiroki Kikuta

Wrote to djpretzel expressing thanks for djp's Secret of Mana ReMix "Tidal Sequence".

Jack Wall

Spoke with VGDJ for the June 3, 2006 Philadelphia Video Games Live concert.

Jeremy Soule

Sent in a Final Fantasy 6 ReMix "Squaresoft Variation" to honor both Nobuo Uematsu and djpretzel.

Jeron Moore

Dubbed Shnabubula's Metroid "Sugar, Water, Purple" "phenomenal remixing" showing "precision, affluence, style, and raw energetic talent". Called Jredd's New Super Mario Bros. "Mushroom Maddness" a "terrific remix".

John Romero

Plugged OCR on his homepage and hosts copies of some of his favorite ReMixes.

Marcus Henderson

Spoke with VGDJ for the June 3, 2006 Philadelphia Video Games Live concert.

Michael Salvatori

Spoke with VGDJ for the June 3, 2006 Philadelphia Video Games Live concert.

Nicholas Varley

Described Prasa U.'s Syberia "To the Land of the Great Mammoths" as "a very interesting interpretation of what we tried to achieve".


Director of Game Audio Australia, Mick Gordon submitted "Purgatory", a medley arranging several pieces from the Doom soundtrack.


Fabian Del Priore sent in a Donkey Kong Country ReMix "Strolling the Mines". It was later removed from the site for not substantially interpreting the original material, but rather remixing it.

The Fat Man & Team Fat

The Fat Man (George Sanger) has sent in two ReMixes, one solo mix arranging his own original material from The 7th Guest, and one Wing Commander group arrangement performed with his partners, Team Fat (Dave Govett, Joe McDermott & K. Weston Phelan).

Tomm Hulett

Stated in Nintendo Power #218 that he hopes to see Contra IV's music (scored by Jake "virt" Kaufman) arranged for OC ReMix.

Tommy Tallarico

Has spotlighted OCR on TechTV and G4 on "Electric Playground". Solicited and later added the Daniel Baranowsky/Vigilante/zyko Earthworm Jim 2 collaboration "Invertebrate Retreat" to The Earthworm Jim Anthology album. Spoke with VGDJ for the June 3, 2006 Philadelphia Video Games Live concert. Featured djpretzel at the Philadelphia and Washington, DC Video Games Live meet-and-greets.

OC ReMixers with professional game credits



  • Music Credits, Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2 (PlayStation 2), Konami, September 25, 2007






  • LucasArts, started January 2008

Chris Abbott

Chris J. Hampton

Christian Pacaud

  • Sound Design, TMNT (Nintendo DS), Ubisoft Montreal Studios, March 20, 2007
  • Additional Sound Design, Open Season (Nintendo DS), Ubisoft Montreal Studios, September 19, 2006

FFmusic Dj

Jared Hudson

Jeremy Soule






  • Vocals, Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword (Macintosh, Windows), 2K Games, July 23, 2007


  • Ubisoft Montreal Studios, started December 2007


Shonen Samurai

  • Game Master, World of Warcraft (Windows), Blizzard Entertainment

Slow Poision

The Fat Man & Team Fat

The Wingless

  • User Interface Artist, Stranglehold (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC), Midway Games, September 6, 2007
  • User Interface Artist, NBA Ballers: Phenom (PlayStation 2, Xbox), Midway Games, March 29, 2006



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