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Article by: Polo
Pictured from: Killer Instinct 2
Created by: Rare
First appearance: 1994


In the Killer Instinct tournament, some challengers fight for fame and fortune, others for their lives and freedom. Jago, a Tibetan monk, seeks spiritual purity and enlightenment. Guided by the Tiger Spirit through meditation, he is ordered to destroy the evil that lurks within the tournament. At his disposal are a Street Fighter Ryu-esque collection of special moves: the Endokyuken, a yellow-green fireball; the Tiger Fury, a leaping uppercut; the Wind Kick, a horizontal jump-kick; and the Laser Sword, Jago's trusty blade.

Controlling the tournament is Ultratech, the megacorporation that ousts all competing corporations through weapon proliferation. Meeting the challengers are some of Ultratech's experiments, successful and failed: Fulgore, the combative cyborg; Riptor, the gene-spliced velociraptor; even Cinder, the man of living flame. Brought to life using Rare's pre-rendered graphics and an automatic combo system (set button inputs delivering successive hits), each fighter burns with a will to fight — a Killer Instinct. Whatever the wish of the tournament's champion, Ultratech shall grant it.

Selected game appearances


Super NES

Nintendo 64

  • Killer Instinct Gold (1996)



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