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"I enjoyed hearing you scream. I'm looking forward to hearing it again."


Article by: Nicholas Sharma (Arek the Absolute)
Pictured from: Super Street Fighter IV
Created by: Capcom
First appearance: 2010


Beautiful, enticing, and deadly, Juri Han is a woman who proves that roses do have thorns. She enters the second chapter of Capcom's Street Fighter IV with a bang.

Working under a man named Seth as an agent of S.I.N. under the very appropriate alias "Spider," Juri is a character shrouded in mystery. As dark and maniacal as she is, Juri once lived life as a normal girl, but just as with Chun-Li, her life made a tragic twist once M. Bison and Shadaloo came into the picture. Juri's intentions for entering the tournament are fittingly mysterious, but whatever they may be, encountering M. Bison is definitely a key motivation.

Juri uses Tae Kwon Do as her fighting style of choice, a first for the Street Fighter scene. Many fans of fighting games will immediately draw parallels to SNK's own Kim Kaphwan, but she has more than enough merits to label her unique, as if Capcom were making her a cross-company foil. While Kim Kaphwan fights for justice and epitomizes "honor" in every sense of the word, Juri, staying true to her alias of "Spider," is cold and merciless, always toying with her prey after decimating them in combat. Compassion is a word she eliminated from her dictionary long ago.

Not only different in demeanor from Kim, Juri is far more offensive and crafty, utilizing the "Feng Shui Engine" implanted in her left eye to its fullest extent. She excels at both close- and long-range combat, making her a tricky opponent to fight against. Quick and agile, she can rack up combos and confuse her opponents. With the Feng Shui Engine, she is able to empower her pinwheel-esque spin move Senpusha, and can keep her opponents at bay using Fuhajin, a technique allowing her to store fireballs in her feet and shoot them at three different angles. Intended by game producer Yoshinori Ono to be a character who is easily accessible to those newer to fighting games, Juri is a character that is easy to pick up, yet hard to master, making her a well-accepted addition to the vast cast of the Street Fighter series.

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