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Article by: The Coop
Pictured from: Darkstalkers 3
Created by: Capcom
First appearance: 1997


Lilith Aenslaed's tale began at the same time Morrigan Aenslaed's did (Scotland, 1678). When Morrigan was born, she had an excessive amount of evil power within her. Berial, her father who was one of the kings of Makai and its true ruler, sealed off this power in hopes of keeping Morrigan from self-destructing due to the uncontrollable nature of that power. But while Morrigan enjoyed her life of carefree and adventurous fun, the sealed power began to take on a shape of its own as it watched Morrigan. After three hundred years, this locked away power eventually took the shape of a young female succubus named Lilith Aenslaed. But Lilith wouldn't stay sealed off forever.

Jedah Dohma called out to Lilith as she sat in her dark prison. He offered her a chance to finally have a body of her own, but only if she helped him gather up all the souls that he deemed were the most valuable ones. Lilith quickly agreed, and soon her dark prison was a thing of the past. However, her newfound freedom came at a price. Lilith, still only being power given form, was slowly fading away now that she was no longer sealed. As such, her time to find a body was limited. But Lilith knew whom she wanted to be a part of. She wanted to rejoin with the person she'd been separated from centuries ago. She wanted... Morrigan.

Setting off into the Majigen void, Lilith fought her way through any Darkstalkers that crossed her path, finding a strange joy in all the battles and the fluids that came from those she conquered. One by one, they fell before her, until Lilith finally reached the one she'd been seeking. With little time, Lilith took the fight to Morrigan, and proved to be the stronger fighter. Her victory came just as her physical form was nearing its end. Crawling with her last bits of strength, Lilith reached out to where Morrigan lay unconscious and touched the would-be ruler of the Aenslaed family's left hand. With her last act, Lilith successfully became a part of Morrigan once again. Though she lost her individual identity, she regained the body she'd been taken from.

When Morrigan awakened, she had a new sense of rejuvenation. Everything seemed so much more alive and fresh to her as she took in the surrounding world. Once she returned to Aenslaed Castle, Morrigan put the Aenslaed ring on her left hand much to the surprise of her servants. She could feel the desire of her hand to wear the ring, though why it did was unknown to her. At last, Morrigan now showed that she was the master of the Aenslaed family.

Selected game appearances


Neo Geo Pocket Color

  • SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters' Clash (1999)
  • SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters 2 Expand Edition (2000)


  • Vampire Chronicle for Matching Service (2000)

PlayStation 2

  • Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection (2005)



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