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"Kokorachem umburnii / Tokeru shieka durou-jii / Yeah-jau rippakuratu / Zabichii nakep-puu..."


Article by: Polo
Pictured from: LocoRoco
Created by: Sony Computer Entertainment
First appearance: 2006


It's a fact in the gaming world that if you were a globular, blobular star of a handheld game named after you, then both you and the world you'd inhabit would be saturated with happiness. Such is the way of the LocoRoco, who spend their days tending to nature, eating berries, and singing songs in their own carefree language. When they learn their planet is threatened by the invading Moja Troop, they work as one — literally — to stop them.

Thanks to its jellylike body — and the player's power to tilt and jolt the planet — a LocoRoco can roll, bounce, and bound about in search of different-colored LocoRoco (first as Yellow, pictured), Loco House Pieces, and friends with unique ways of transporting them from one spot to another. By eating berries, a LocoRoco can grow quite large, and when the path turns into a duct or other narrow niche, it can split into smaller tykes to pass through gracefully, then reassemble. Quite the flexible bunch.

Selected game appearances

PlayStation Portable

  • LocoRoco (2006)



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