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Article by: Paul Watkins (watkinzez)
Pictured from: Metroid: Zero Mission
Created by: Nintendo
First appearance: 1986


The Metroids are a species from the planet SR388. They are the namesakes of the Metroid series of games produced by Gunpei Yokoi. The Metroids are parasitic life forms, feeding on the life energy of unsuspecting victims not unlike a leech. Their aggressiveness and rapid reproduction make them a dangerous foe, especially in swarms. The Chozo, an ancient, wise race of creatures central to the series's story, called the Metroids by a name that can be translated as 'ultimate warrior'.

There are several stages in the Metroid life cycle which are unveiled throughout the series. The larval Metroid is the most commonly seen in the games. It can float above the ground like a balloon. The gelatinous shell that it possesses is impervious to most weapons but its underbody is a weak spot. In the original Metroid game, a combination of the Ice Beam and missiles eliminates this creature. When the player is attacked by larval Metroids, the use of a Morph Ball bomb shakes them off.

As a Metroid grows it begins to form a more reptilian appearance. Its shell hardens and a head emerges. The Metroid life cycle is most evident in Metroid II, which features the ultimate of the species: the Metroid Queen. In this game bounty hunter Samus Aran sets out to eradicate the Metroids, which pose a threat to the Galactic Federation. Only one Metroid survives, seeing Samus as its mother and helping her escape SR388.

In the Game Boy Advance title Metroid Fusion, the crusade against the Metroid species turns out to have been a big mistake. It upset the food chain on SR388 and allowed the deadly X Parasites (the Metroid's natural prey) to multiply rapidly. Upon returning to the planet to help a group of scientists, Samus is infected by the parasite and only survives by being infused with a serum made from Metroid cells. Using this serum Samus is able to combat the X Parasite.

Other variations of Metroids have appeared, most notably in the Prime series, in which the Space Pirates experiment with subjecting Metroids to the radioactive substance Phazon. The effect on the creatures is extreme growth and mutation; one of these mutants is called the Hunter Metroid. Metroid Prime, the final boss for which the game is named, becomes so dependent on Phazon that it transforms radically into a twisted version of its former self. It kills off the Chozo on planet Tallon IV and poisons the planet's ecosystem.

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  • Metroid Fusion (2002)
  • Metroid: Zero Mission (2004)





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