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"Have you ever thought about flying?"


Article by: Stevo Bortz (Level 99)
Pictured from: Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
Created by: Sonic Team
First appearance: 1996


NiGHTS is a resident of the dream world, where he spends time playfully flying through the air, performing acrobatics, and playing an invisible flute. He's an androgynous being whose form can change depending on a given situation, such as into a bobsled in a snow area and a dolphin when underwater. While usually kind and chivalrous, he is also a bit of a prankster, playing jokes and startling people. He was created by Wizeman, the ruler of the realm of Nightmare, as a 1st Level Nightmaren.

NiGHTS rebelled against Wizeman upon learning of his plans to take over Nightopia, the utopian dreamscape that exists as a paradise for people while they are asleep. After dissent, he was imprisoned inside the Ideya Palace, a cage with a barrier that can only be passed by someone who holds Ideya (colorful orbs representing aspects of human personality).

It is at this point that, in the city of Twin Seeds, two children start having nightmares. Claris and Elliot fall asleep and imagine their worst fears before happening upon the realm of Nightopia. Both dreamers find NiGHTS imprisoned, and since they have their Ideya, help him escape. The dreamers "dualize" (become one) with NiGHTS, and with the power of flight at their command, take on Wizeman and his henchmen for the fate of Nightopia.

NiGHTS has a complicated relationship with another 1st Level Nightmaren, Reala, whose abilities are nearly identical to his own. While NiGHTS is curious and playful, Reala is cold and obedient, never questioning Wizeman's orders to imprison the purple jester and capture Nightopia. Reala is second in command under Wizeman, and proves to be one of the most difficult challenges to overcome.

With the design of NiGHTS, Sonic Team deliberately made the character androgynous. According to Takashi Iizuka: "He is a mirror of the child's personality, so when the children dream, they become him. So from a boy's point of view, NiGHTS will be a boy; from a girl's point of view, NiGHTS will be a girl." Assignment of gender, such as in this bio, is merely reflective of the assignments people have put on the character themselves.

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