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For information on the evaluation criteria used at OC ReMix, please see Submission Standards and Instructions.

This article's purpose is to maintain the latest version of the email sent to submitters whose pieces are evaluated and accepted by the judges panel.

Congratulations! Your ReMix submission has been evaluated and approved by the judges panel ( You'll be able to read the final votes of each judge at the Judges Decisions forum ( once the ReMix is posted to the front page of

Unfortunately, we can't predict exactly how long this will take. Typically, priority is given to older approved ReMixes, so it may take several weeks to several months before the submission is actually posted and available for download. The process also takes a while because djpretzel personally listens to and writes about each approved ReMix.

Until then, check out the front page every so often to see if your ReMix went up. We'd love to hear another submission from you! In the meantime, we always recommend participating in our Post Your Game ReMixes forum ( to provide feedback to other artists. We also encourage you to stay involved in the community and comment on other posted ReMixes at our Reviews forum ( Visit our Discord server ( for even more community resources.


OverClocked ReMix

DISCLAIMER: While your submission has been approved, if there is dissenting opinion among the judges, or if upon further investigation the submission is found to be in violation of our Submissions Standards (, the decision may change. Though this is not common, we will notify you if it happens.


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