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For information on the evaluation criteria used at OC ReMix, please see Submission Standards and Instructions.

This article's purpose is to maintain the latest version of the email sent to submitters whose pieces will be evaluated by the judges panel after initial review.

Thank you for your arrangement submission to OverClocked ReMix. Your submission has moved onto our judges panel for evaluation based on the arrangement and production criteria of OC ReMix's Submission Standards ( It will be listed as "To Be Judged" at the "Currently in the Judging Process" forum thread, where you can check the status (

The judges' decision (with feedback) will be posted in our Judges Decisions forum ( For approved submissions, this feedback will *not* be publicly available until after the arrangement is posted. In either case, we will also email you the feedback thread link.

If the judges' evaluation takes longer than 6 months, please send one of the judges a reminder via our forums ( Register for our forums at, if you haven't already.

We strive to improve our submissions evaluation speed - we realize the process is lengthy, but we believe ensuring a consistent benchmark for the site is important. While awaiting a judgement, you can submit other VGM arrangements to (once every 2 weeks, 1 arrangement per email). Submissions don't need to be brand new or exclusive to OC ReMix; anything from your existing body of work is welcome.

In the meantime, we recommend our Post Your Game ReMixes forum (; getting feedback there may help for this submission or future tracks. You can also seek technical help with ReMixing and music in general at the ReMixing forum ( Visit our Discord server ( for even more community and feedback resources.

We look forward to evaluating your submission.


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