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Article by: Gerry Wheatley (The Damned)
Pictured from: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team
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First appearance: 1996


Pikachu is a small yellow rodent-like animal from the series Pokémon. Since its introduction in 1996, it has gone on to become the mascot character of the entire franchise. Appearing on Pokémon-related merchandise from books to stickers to clothing, Pikachu is synonymous with the series, and is one of the most well-known video game characters of all time.

Pikachu, referring to both individuals and groups, are quick and agile, overcoming their low physical strength and endurance. They concentrate on outmaneuvering their opponents, then hitting them with strong Electric attacks. They can use the devastating Thunder Wave to stun an opponent, or dash at them with Volt Tackle. Rarely, a Pikachu may know the powerful Surf attack, a tidal wave that crashes down upon an enemy and sweeps them away. Their Electrical powers are so strong that when several of them gather, they can inadvertently cause thunderstorms.

Though typically found in lush woodlands like the Viridian Forest, they have been known to appear in cities and power-generating plants. They are attracted to the electricity in the wiring, and are sometimes spotted suckling the wiring like a straw, sipping voltage. Whether they increase their power or simply replenish their energy this way is unknown.

Trainers (people who capture and raise Pokémon for battling) are advised to exercise caution during physical contact. The red spots on Pikachu's cheeks are actually pouches which store vast amounts of electrical energy, and careless contact can result in a powerful shock. Pikachu are also known to quickly turn around and bite whoever tries to grab their tail.

However, with enough love and attention, Pikachu will not only follow their Trainer, but may even sit upon their shoulders or head. Pikachu are deeply affectionate and make lifelong friends with those they trust, defending fellow Pokémon and humans from harm.

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