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Computer Music (UK)

"The Ultimate Lead Sound", #105 (Oct. 2006), pages 36-40, Paul "nervous_testpilot" Taylor (uncredited), Sep. 21

User Friendly

"Link of the Day: The soundtrack of a mis-spent youth", J.D. Frazer, Sep. 12

Game Music Radio

"The Next Level", #9 ("The Megas and zircon & pixietricks of"), Brian "Galvatron" DiDomenico & Becky "Aktrez" Young, Sep. 11

Music 4 Games

"OverClocked ReMix releases Chipamp", David "djpretzel" Lloyd, Aug. 29
Chipamp: Press release.


"The Emergence of Video Game Musicians", Robert Workman, Aug. 23

Hipster, please!

"Reverence Through ReMixing", Z., Aug. 15


"OverClocked ReMix", Baltimore Convention Center (Panel 4, 10AM), Baltimore, MD, Aug. 4

  • Presenters: djpretzel (David Lloyd), Geoffrey Taucer (Jeremy Waters), Liontamer (Larry Oji), pixietricks (Jillan Goldin), zircon (Andrew Aversa)
  • Performance: Chrono Trigger "Town Life" ~ djpretzel (David Lloyd), Geoffrey Taucer (Jeremy Waters) [arranging "Peaceful Days", originally composed by Yasunori Mitsuda]
  • Performance: Chrono Trigger "The Place We Knew" ~ pixietricks (Jillan Goldin), zircon (Andrew Aversa) [originally arranged by Reuben Kee, arranging "To Far Away Times", originally composed by Yasunori Mitsuda]
Highlights from OverClocked ReMix's Otakon 2006 presentation

Game Music Radio

"The Next Level", #8 ("Push Start and djpretzel"), Brian "Galvatron" DiDomenico & Becky "Aktrez" Young, July 23


"GameSetInterview: OC ReMix's djpretzel", Alistair Wallis, July 5

The Entertainment Depot

"Tommy Tallarico, Composer/Producer of Video Games Live, chats with EntDepot", Jayson "Arcubalis" Napolitano, June 28
Earthworm Jim Anthology

"Time Warp: Sonic Turns 15", Douglass C. Perry, June 23
Hedgehog Heaven


"GoNintendo interview: Tommy Tallarico's Earthworm Jim project", Kevin "RawmeatCowboy" Cassidy, June 14
Earthworm Jim Anthology

"Tommy Tallarico reveals Earthworm Jim music remix project", Richard "drumlord" Brownell, June 11
Earthworm Jim Anthology

Music 4 Games

"OverClocked ReMix releases Street Fighter II Turbo remix project", June 7
Blood on the Asphalt: Press release.


"Video Games Live Gets OC ReMix Podcast", Simon "simonc" Carless, June 7

Video Games Live

Meet and Greet, Merriam Theater, Philadelphia, PA, June 3

Game Informer

"Listen Up!", #157, page 119, May 2006


"Follin's Prime Gone, Not Forgotten - Remixers", Simon "simonc" Carless, Apr. 30
Dirge for the Follin

FSView / Florida Flambeau

"Remixes clock in", Richard Snyder, Apr. 13

Game.EXE (Russia)

#3, DVD insert, Mar. 2006
Chrono Symphonic


"Interview with OC ReMix's djpretzel", John Ondrey, Feb. 17


"Media Consumption: Raven Software's Jim Shepard", Brandon Sheffield, Feb. 10

Ars Technica

"Remixed versions of your favorite Chrono Trigger songs. Go on, don't click this. Try it", Ben Kuchera, Jan. 7
Chrono Symphonic


"Free Gaming MP3s to Expand Your Musical Horizons", Nick "Racketboy" Reichert, Jan. 2


SHEI Magazine (University of Michigan)

"Interview with djpretzel", #12 ("Journey to the West"), pages 29-31, Jason Skorski (intro) & Mark Fisher (interview questions), Dec. 12

PC Gamer (UK)

"Muzak: Doomed Headphones", #154, page 140, Nov. 2005
The Dark Side of Phobos

"In the Name of Love", Nadia Oxford, Oct. 9

"Gaming's Rhapsody: Third Movement", Nich Maragos, Aug. 18


"Doom: The Dark Side of Phobos", Jouni H. "Necrophilisimo" Lahtinen, Aug. 9
The Dark Side of Phobos


"DooM ReMix Project - The Dark Side of Phobos", David "djpretzel" Lloyd, Aug. 9
The Dark Side of Phobos: Press release.

American Chronicle

"Video Games Live Tour And NHL 2K6", Daniel Murray, July 10


" Partners with Electronic Arts", megli, Apr. 1


"Pixel 24: Beeps and Boops", Ben Turner, Mar. 25

"Video Game Remixes: How, Where, and Why?", Eliot Van Buskirk, Feb. 9



"Kong in Concert - Donkey Kong Country Arrangements", Binnie "Digital Coma" Katti, Sep. 13
Kong in Concert: Press release.

Game Development Essentials

"Chapter 9 - Audio: Creating the Atmosphere", Game Development Essentials: An Introduction, pp. xxiv & 284, Jeannie Novak, Delmar Learning, Sep. 9, ISBN-13: 978-1401862718

SPIN Magazine

Sep. 2004

G4techTV (The Electric Playground)

"Game Break:", Victor Lucas & Tommy Tallarico, exact date unknown (Q3)

OverClocked ReMix reviewed by Victor Lucas & Tommy Tallarico on The Electric Playground


Gamers with Jobs

"(Re)Arranged: An OC ReMix Q&A", Julian Dasgupta, Dec. 21


Nintendo World Report

"PGC E3 2002 DVD Official Soundtrack", July 5

Electronic Gaming Monthly

"Press Start: Caught in the Net: Freshly Remixed", Issue 156 (Volume 15, Issue 7), page 30, July

EGM magazine! I remember buying the very first issues of this, the largest video game mag in the U.S., a VERY long time ago - back when it was 'Sega Genesis vs. NEC TurboGrafx-16 - who will win?' Quite cool to have one of their editors mail me about being included in an upcoming issue, and even cooler to see it happen. This was directly responsible for many new faces showing up in our forums, and also for getting SgtRama, whose Kirby mix was mentioned, completely stoked. It should be noted that both now and at time of press not all mixes are "handpicked" by me - many go through our judges panel - but the screenshot came out pretty well and is our current, permanent logo as well.


"Site of the Night: OverClocked ReMix", Martin Sargent, Apr. 30
"Saturday, February 28: Site of the Night: OverClocked ReMix", Leo Laporte's 2004 Technology Almanac, Martin Sargent, Sep. 8, ISBN-13: 978-0735713697

Penny Arcade

"Choose Your Own Adventure", Jerry "Tycho Brahe" Holkins, Apr. 12

Tycho and Gabe rule. 'Nuff said.

Planet //

"OverClocked ReMixes", John Romero, Mar. 23

Love him or hate him, prominent game industry figure John Romero gives us a nice mention, and you gotta give him some respect no matter who you are for singling out "Team Gato" in his post.


"Hot salsa Tetris", Katharine Mieszkowski, Mar. 18

The first in-depth article specifically on game ReMixes, which covered OCR as well as other game remix and arrangement sites, and did an excellent & eloquent job of summing up what it's all about. There's some minor issues, but overall this is equitable & solid journalism, and is probably the first to acknowledge what has essentially become a musical subculture on the net. And I'm not just saying that because they gave me the closing quote.


TechTV (The Screen Savers)

"Site of the Night:", Martin Sargent, exact date unknown
First known mention of OCR on television. VERY cool spot where they actually played two Super Mario Bros. ReMixes ("Jazz Plumber Trio" - which they seemed to like, I might add and "The Italian Plumber") side by side and also the original, to illustrate the concept. The online mention is of course shorter and disses the popup ads, but the TV spot was really pretty cool.

OverClocked ReMix reviewed by Martin Sargent on The Screen Savers


exact date unknown
Some amusing typos ("DR Pretzel") notwithstanding, a nice + favorable write-up as site of the month. However, they certainly didn't dig my Super Mario Bros. "Jazz Plumber Trio" ReMix, and specifically cited it as essentially sucking. Oh well.


Left Overs: Do the Twist, Volume #1, Issue #1, page 62, Eric C. Mylonas, June 2001

"Video Game music remixes", Mar. 17, 2001
"If it was a videogame tune in the 1980s or 1990s, there is likely an awesome, professional remix of it here. Keeping your childhood alive, one game at a time", Dec. 18, 2004



"the shift list", Volume 8, Number 8, page 98, Shift Multimedia Inc., Oct.


"Arcade Remixes and the Six Million Dollar Cabinet", July 14
A casual mention on Slashdot brought in a flood of visits and many new eyes and ears seeing OCR for the first time. Amazingly, the site survives and doesn't suffer the dreaded "/. effect". Comments range from very positive to somewhat dismissive, and of course OCR is more than just arcade ReMixes as the topic title suggests, but still pretty cool.



"Sunday, December 12th 1999", Dec. 12


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