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"You only care about petty things like fighting to be the best. But Mega Man is different. He cares about the future."


Article by: Taylor Brown (Mirby)
Pictured from: Mega Man 10
Created by: Capcom
First appearance: 1990


Sometime before Dr. Thomas Light created Mega Man, he began work on a prototype robot. The subject, Proto Man, was Light's first creation, but fled the lab for personal reasons despite not being fully completed. After some time, the evil Dr. Albert Wily found him in a state of disrepair and mended him, upgrading his combat systems in the process. Under the alias Break Man, he put these new weapons to use in an attempt to stop Mega Man in Mega Man 3. Despite these initial confrontations, he quit helping Dr. Wily during the events of the fourth game, when the mad doctor kidnapped a young girl to blackmail her father. Proto Man saved the girl, allowing his "little brother" to stop Wily. After that, Proto Man took a neutral approach to the conflicts started by the bat-haired maniac, only interfering when he felt it was absolutely necessary.

Proto Man is often seen wearing his trademark black shades and a slick yellow scarf, and he almost always hides his brown hair under his helmet. He also is known to whistle to announce his arrival before he shows up. He prefers more mysterious clothing while dressing casually, such as trenchcoats and slacks. These facets of his character work collectively to uphold the aura of coolness he continually projects. Proto Man seldom keeps in contact with those concerned about him, but he always looks out for Mega Man; after all, isn't that his duty as the older brother?

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