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Article by: Polo
Pictured from: Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
Created by: Erin Bozon, Matt Bozon (WayForward)
First appearance: 2002


In Sequin Land, Genies have guarded human populations from monsters and other dangers for ages. Their numbers have dwindled over time; however, the code of loyalty they've been known to live by is upheld by their half-Genie descendants. One of these is Shantae, who earns her keep by watching over the fishing settlement of Scuttle Town. When the pirate Risky Boots launches a raid on the port and steals a dangerous relic, Shantae sets out after her in an effort to save all of Sequin Land from the pirate's machinations.

Shantae's Arabian design reflects an arsenal of flashy abilities. Whipping her ponytail is her main tactic for dispatching enemies, but she can equip specific gear that enables her to deliver kicks and elbow dashes as well. She may even find and use pirates' weapons like swords and guns. As one might guess from her outfit, Shantae has a penchant for belly dancing, and by learning specific dance moves, she can magically teleport to a place she's already visited or shapeshift into various creatures. These transformations include a monkey, an elephant, a mermaid, a harpy, and more, each different in terms of mobility, strength, and how they can be used to solve puzzles and clear obstacles.

Because she's not a full Genie, Shantae sometimes lacks confidence in her powers. She often relies on her friends from Scuttle Town for support and guidance as she races Risky Boots for magical artifacts critical to her nefarious plans. No matter the trials, Shantae takes as much as she can in stride as she learns what it means to be a half-Genie and a protectress.

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  • Shantae (2002)

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